Constantinos  Petrakos

Xenos Hotel
2017 | Planos, Zakynthos, GR

Xenos hotel is located in the village of Planos of Zakynthos, an island fully affected by the massive tourism of the last decades. Hotel resorts cover the largest part of the coastline, significantly corrupting the ecosystem and the landscape while promoting a generic style of all-inclusive vacation resorts.

In our case, the challenge was to creatively reuse one of these hotel units, aiming to its adaption to the scale of the visitor and the human activities. The humanization of this impersonal and strictly structured edifice materialized through two interventions∙ the addition of a canopy and the re-configuration of the main elevations.

Both interventions have a mild impact upon the preexisting edifice. A visual reduction of the building’s volume is achieved through the addition of a canopy. Additionally, the insertion of partitions on the elevations together with the placement of a new shell of grid, generate more personalized and schematically special accommodation units and common spaces.

design team: Calliope Sakellaropoulou, Marialena Dimogianni, Evaggelia Stamatiou