Constantinos  Petrakos
2018 | Sarangani, PH

Whr is a small hotel unit of eight rooms with clear references to Cycladic architecture both aesthetically and practically. Determinant factor for this decision was the fact that Cycladic architecture is durable through time and sustainable in extreme weather conditions due to its technical characteristics and the simplicity of the construction.

Main feature of Cycladic architecture is that the various private buildings that constitute the Cycladic settlements, are not perceived as different constructions by the visitor but as a unified construct. Whr’s structure also follows this principle, formulating a volume where every private unit is an integrated part of the whole residential unit.

A multitude of typologies of Cycladic openings (doors, windows) are firstly projected and then subtract the main façade, thus creating a transparent “skin” that ensures the proper insolation, ventilation and unobstructed view of the residential units. In addition, the various openings’ schemes render the ambience and the scale that each visitor seeks in Cyclades islands.

in collaboration with Michail Papavavarnavas, Nadee Adarna
design team: Eva Zaccaro, Savvas Stroumpas, Marialena Dimogianni, Marilena Petrogiannopoulou, Natalia Sotirchou