Constantinos  Petrakos

Hotel in Egremni
2015 | Egremni, Lefkada,  GR

Located on the island of Lefkada, the hotel stands amid the island’s distinct steep topography. The harsh, yet beautiful landscape was the key element in the design process of the project and the pursuit of its form.

Through a series of sections, the project came to be developed attuned to the nature, rather standing in opposition to it. Thus, a hotel complex was created, mostly embodied in the ground, forming a direct connection with the territory and its textures.

Communal spaces in the form of plateaus both divide and unify the accommodation units, enabling the transition from isolated spaces to those of a socialization environment. At the same time, public and private spaces are developed inversely with the building’s articulation on the topography. Visual openness is the key characteristic of the private parts, while the common spaces are engraved on the ground mass, thus giving birth to a spatial contradiction between topography and degree of privacy.  

Shadows and light, hidden and visible, compact and void; all these qualities can describe the project, granting it with an alluring duality.

in collaboration with Sofia Kampioti
design team: Kalliopi Sakellaropoulou, Dimitra Panouklia, Aggelina Voulgari