Constantinos  Petrakos

2015 | Capelleto, Pyrgos, GR

The private holiday house is located in Capelleto of Pyrgos. It is  aimed at  a  rural environment  with  traditional and self-constructed buildings. The volume’s facade responds and adapts to the traditional residences, which are located in the wider area. It is an effort to project a traditional form in a contemporary fashion. Its height corresponds to the normal height of a typical residence.

The residence is organized in two parts. The first part consists of all the public uses, functions of a private character are sited on the   second part of the house. Among these parts, there are two semi-outdoor spaces, which make this separation spatial .They create the possibility of seclusion and reinforce the sense of privacy of the second part of the house. 

Except from these spaces, there are two more semi-outdoor spaces, one of them is designed for the entrance, while the other is sited after the private rooms. These spaces are the transition from the outside to inside and contrarily.

design team: K
alliopi Sakellaropoulou, Grigoris Koutropoulos