Constantinos  Petrakos

Ayios Dhometios
2020 | Ayios Dhometios, Nicosia, CY

An apartment building is proposed for Ayios Dhometios, a suburb of Nicosia, CY. Upper concern for the design of the building was its presence in relation to the image of the city. Here, the structural system possesses an inherent order that is further reproduced and leads gradually to its transformation into an ornament element.

Free from any purely structural function, the order of the façade becomes an ornament and gives a sense of proportion, measure and beauty that also ensures the acceptable integration of the building in the public interface.

The challenge is to unify the new building with the image of the city, retaining coherence. Through the arrangement of the elevations, both private and public aspects are mediated and thus the private space becomes a fundamental element of the public space. The main façade is vertically composed and differentiated by three different orders, one for each level. In this way, each level develops an ornamental dialectic with the surrounding buildings.

design team: Silas Antonopoulos, Katerina Tempeli